Transportes especiales de caballos

Special Transport of Horses

Transportes Valiente takes animal welfare very seriously. The transport of horses by road is a special service to which we have devoted significant effort, research and dedication to ensure the best possible travel conditions for the animals.

We use lorries at the cutting edge of vehicle technology to provide a special horse transport service to our customers, in which our highly qualified staff care for the animals.

We are experts in this type of services, both nationally and internationally. Our experience is borne out by a proven track record in transport of horses, working hand-in-hand with riding schools, equestrian centres and riders.

Great care must be taken when transporting horses by road, especially long-distance travel. The lorries must make rest stops every 6 to 8 hours to feed and water the horses, and minimise the stress of travel. Another major focus is the health of the horse at all times, which is monitored both before and after the journey.

Special transport of horses

The vehicle’s condition must also be excellent. As for hygiene, the vehicle must be thoroughly clean and sanitised before its use to prevent any cross infection between animals. Moreover, the lorry must have proper ventilation and enough space between animals to avoid stress. Horses must always be tied in such a way as to ensure optimal comfort yet maximum safety lest there be a mishap.

Transportes Valiente has special vehicles for transporting horses. The horses are positioned crossways in an orderly manner, allowing the transport of more horses per lorry without detriment to their comfort.