Transportes frigoríficos

Refrigerated Transport

Reefer logistics is a fundamental building block in the development and operation of all food business operators, in particular those working with fruits and vegetables. Delivering fresh produce of the highest quality is of vital importance for these companies. In order to meet the demands of these businesses, Transportes Valiente has specialised in refrigerated transport. The extensive experience of our professional team and our fleet of lorries with the best technology allows us to provide the best service.

Transportes Valiente envisages the refrigerated transport sector as a fast and safe service that easily adapts to any contingencies that may arise, as the properties of the products must remain unchanged at all times in an efficient manner.

Refrigerated transport company

Our fleet of lorries provide advanced reefer logistics. It brings together the means that are necessary to ensure maximum traceability of food. Indeed, the aim goal is to maintain the cold chain in at all times. Only in this way can we trust the products.

The vehicle is equipped with the necessary means to ensure the storage temperature of the cold chamber is perfect, the ventilation is accurately calculated based on the rates of ethylene emission, the smell of the different products or the physical protection of the packaging is compatible. We monitor the temperature via GPS, as well as with thermographs. Compliance with IFS regulation also deserves a special mention.

Transportes Valiente is a refrigerated transport company that fully meets the contaminant-free standards of transport hygiene. Moreover, the refrigerated compartment must also be hermetically sealed to maintain optimum temperature.

Our extensive experience in palletised freight enables us to protect the content physically against external risks. Furthermore, the mechanical resistance of our lorries helps to prevent overheating or excessive cooling during transportation interfaces.

Refrigerated road transport is the most flexible and safe way to distribute perishable products on short and medium distance routes.