Empresas de transportes en Sevilla

About Us

Over 30 years ago, Juan Valiente founded a road transport company that is now a leading logistic group at national and international level. Quality transport service has been and will continue to be the bedrock of Transportes Valiente.

The corporate philosophy of our transport company has remained unchanged over time. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of those who have put their trust in Transportes Valiente.

National and international transport company

We are a freight forwarding company that provides services to any sector that needs our expertise. However, the most requests for our services come from the agriculture, industry and agribusiness sectors.

We also want to emphasise that we provide our services to a wide geographical area. The proof is that we provide both national and international transport services.

Our national transport service covers the whole of Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands). As for international transport, we focus mainly on the European continent. We operate in all European Union countries, as well as Morocco and Senegal.

We also specialise in full load and groupage refrigerated cargo. Transport of animals is another of our strengths. In both cases, we have the certificates of excellence needed to provide a quality and reliable transport service.

In that regard, the flexibility provided by our large fleet allows us to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. The transport of cargo is made from our facilities to destination without stops. This is achieved by means of our large fleet of lorries and highly qualified staff.


Established by Juan Valiente 30 years ago


At the service of agriculture, industry and agribusiness


Experts in refrigerated transport, full load and groupage cargo


Deliveries to Europe, Morocco and Senegal


Flexible, customer-focused company


We seek to provide our customers a premium, refrigerated transport service adapted to their needs, whilst minimising our financial and dependency risk through diversification. We also provide comprehensive, multimodal transport service.


We seek to be the benchmark brand for quality services and added value in our area of influence, bringing value to our customers whilst helping them optimise costs. Our local staff contributes to the wealth of the country, without lowering costs.